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#HACKMONDAY - Debugging my first UI Automation Test Sample (PART II)

Hi Y'all, thanks for stick around for part II. If you landed here by accident, you might want to stick around; this may get interesting. In part II of this blog, we will start to debug my python WordPad test for WAD. It’s exciting to me because back when I wrote this test, all I had was a dream, a notebook, a pencil, a computer, and Google.

Fellow Hacker: Hammid Funsho

I am still hacking with Hammid for part II.

So let’s get to it.

A quick description of what the WordPad test does. For starters,

We start off with the function Def setUP and Def tearDown. These two functions are in charge of opening the WordPad app and initializing the webdriver. Most automation test will have functions that resemble these at the beginning.  Then we have my test functions. Each of the tests function examines a unique aspect of the WordPad app. Function test_write sends keys to the text box. Function test_initialize looks at the title bar and makes sure WordPad is opened up with a ‘clean’ window. Function test_zoom tested the functionality of the zoom button. Last but not least, the function test_valid testes multiple different functionalities like the file tab, save button and file name.

We started off by running the WordPad test to which one of the tests passes or errors out. I commented out test_valid from the get go because I already knew it did not work and needed some significant improvements.  

Check out this video on Hammid and I troubleshooting steps


WARNING: I say the word like a lot in this video. To be honest, I was pretty nervous, and it was my very first time recording myself for the public. This was a learning experience; I will try to do better next time and improve my delivery.


This concludes part II of the blog. I will be going on a #HackMonday break for the next two weeks. I am traveling for work; I will be delivering training to some coworkers in Costa Rica. Hammid and I will be back for part III. Stay tune.


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